If you choose one of these packages and select to pay annually we will pay the first R150 for you!

There are 3 key factors that you should consider before deciding which package to take.

1. What type of content do you want / have on your website.
2. How many people will you require to have a email @ your Domain.
3 .The volume of traffic your website will get.

The Bronze Cube should be sufficient for most websites when starting out and are perfect for websites without hundreds of images or videos. The more images you add the better the chance become that you will have to upgrade.

If your company consists of 10 people or less, the Bronze Cube will be sufficient for most websites. However, if you require more than 10 email addresses you will have to upgrade. For R25 extra you double almost everything.

For most starting websites the Bronze Cube will be more than enough. Once you get very high traffic volume you will need to upgrade. (If you keep exceeding your bandwidth we will have to ask you to upgrade.)

We pride ourselves in providing Fast, Reliable and Cost Effective Web Hosting hence we encourage our customers to take the smallest package that suits their needs and upgrade or downgrade as needed. As we do not ask an upgrade/downgrade fee it only needs sending an email or calling us to upgrade and downgrade.

If in doubt, take the Bronze Cube and upgrade as needed.




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